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About Kindred Republic

Publisher open for submissions

This image is often attributed to the author Mark Twain. It is certainly true today, as it was when it was written.
The only person who can stand in the way of your dreams coming true, is YOU!

Kindred Republic is the lovechild, born from the love of writing and the need to share it with those willing to listen.

Kindred Republic meaning: Kindred means like-minded souls, as in our writers who want to share our love and passion for words. The Republic part, is a place where we can come together as writers, united, in a world of our own. We don’t want voices to be filtered, we want them raw. We may edit some of the work that comes in, just to polish it up. However, we will not change the story.

WE aim to become a leading name in the publishing industry by finding unique stories. Writers with stories written from a unique or fresh perspective can find a home in the KINDRED REPUBLIC publications. We don’t want to see the same stories or same ideas over and over. We want a twist, something new.

4 Issues of Kindred Republic will be issued each year, the first being December 2020. Submissions will be open for one month. Both short stories and poetry will be accepted as long as the submission adheres to the theme the writer is submitting for.

Beta Reading

If you are writing a children’s book, we may be able to help you test it on your target audience. Submissions will open once we have the service set up. For a small fee, we will take your book and have 20-30 of your target age group read it. We will write a report with information including how the kids responded, what they liked and didn’t like and how much they understood the storyline. We will also introduce the test to parents and teachers of the target age group, so we can let you know their opinion on it’s suitability and if it is a story they might consider publishing.

Having your story read by your target age group will help you to improve your writing. It will also boost your chances when you begin to approach publishers. When you write your query you can use our report as evidence you have tested your book in the market and how it was received. Showing that you have done your research and have developed an interest in your book will impress a publisher, improving your chances of them wanting to see your full work.

If you have written a children’s picture book, we prefer that you submit appropriate pictures with your text. Even if you do not have an illustrator yet, your text will have a better impact if you provide pictures that relate to your story. These can be concept illustrations or hand drawn. You can NOT submit any images that breach copyright. Your work will be returned to you, and a refund will not be given. It is your responsibility to make sure you own the legal right to your work.

If you would like more information about beta reading, use the contact form and/or sign up to our newsletter for opening dates and time slots.

Future goals

In the future we also plan to open submissions for full manuscripts. This is our long term goal, so while this idea already excites us, we have other goals to accomplish first. However, when we do, we know it is going to be an amazing journey. We will not publish just anything to get our name out there. We will be looking for stories we can’t put down; stories with characters that come alive; twists and turns; most of all, unpredictable. We do not want our name associated with any material that results in a groan at the end because the outcome was predictable and boring. Excite us with your work. Make us hungry for more.

Kindred Republic shining a light on creative talent