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About Kindred Republic

This image is often attributed to the author Mark Twain. It is certainly true today, as it was when it was written.
The only person who can stand in the way of your dreams coming true, is YOU!

Kindred Republic is the lovechild, born from the love of writing and the need to share it with those willing to listen.

Kindred Republic meaning: Kindred means like-minded souls, as in our writers who want to share our love and passion for words. The Republic part, is a place where we can come together as writers, united, in a world of our own. We don’t want voices to be filtered, we want them raw. We may edit some of the work that comes in, just to polish it up. However, we will not change the story.

WE aim to become a leading name in the publishing industry by finding unique stories. Writers with stories written from a unique or fresh perspective can find a home in the KINDRED REPUBLIC publications. We don’t want to see the same stories or same ideas over and over. We want a twist, something new.

4 Issues of Kindred Republic will be issued each year, the first being December 2020. Submissions will be open for one month. Both short stories and poetry will be accepted as long as the submission adheres to the theme the writer is submitting for.

Our future plans will include the expansion of our publishing services, growing our creative team and being able to provide a more individualised service.